Business conditions

Market environment and influencing factors

AGRAVIS operated in a persistently challenging environment in 2016 and 2017 and held its ground in the face of difficult harvest conditions, fierce competition and social debate on modern agriculture. However, the trend continues towards structural adjustment of the market and, consequently, market concentration. AGRAVIS thus finds itself in the midst of fierce, cut-throat competition.

Generation of biogas from manure

AGRAVIS has operated a biogas plant in Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia, in cooperation with its partner Odas since mid-2014. This is mostly “fed” with manure and dung, i.e. organic residues from livestock farming, and thus primarily aims to use nutrients without foregoing the generation of energy.

You can find further information in the page flip book of the 4th AGRAVIS Sustainability Report

The biggest advantage of the concept is, firstly, the reduced energy crop input and, secondly, decreased nutrient discharge in processing regions. The region around the Dorsten biogas plant will be relieved of a large quantity of organic farm manure. The concept thus meets a major challenge of modern-day agriculture, namely the oversupply of agricultural areas with nutrients.

You will find info on other innovative solutions in biogas, such as iron hydroxide, in the page flip book of the 4th AGRAVIS Sustainability Report

Delos software solution

AGRAVIS and its partner, Odas GmbH, offer farmers in North Rhine-Westphalia integrated solutions to recycle surplus farm manure. The services offered by Odas consist of much more than simple manure transport: Thanks to personalised nutrient consultation, inexpensive, tailored solutions will be developed for each operation, including handling of the related documentation obligations.

Delos is an intelligent, customer-oriented software solution which assists farmers with their nutrient recycling and, most importantly, their documentation obligations under the German Fertiliser Ordinance. When the new German Fertiliser Ordinance and its requirements came into force in 2017, Delos was further developed into an all-inclusive solution, containing the following functions:

  • Delivery note management
  • Employee time and attendance
  • GPS localisation of vehicles and digitisation of drivers' daily reports
  • Field index
  • Fertiliser requirement planning (nitrogen and phosphorous)
  • Validated field-barn balance
  • Material flow balance (in pipeline)
  • Farm manure reports as per the German Farm Manure Ordinance (Wirtschaftsdüngernachweisverordnung) transferred to the relevant Chamber of Agriculture directly from Delos

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Assuming responsibility

The AGRAVIS Group is committed to sponsoring clubs, associations and events in the regions where it does business. Individuals who engage in social, cultural and sporting activities are also supported.

AGRAVIS also demonstrated how seriously it takes social responsibility when the "Donations, not presents" project was initiated in 2017. Instead of giving Christmas presents to customers, the company gives 30,000 euros to Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V, a children's hospice. This amount is allocated to specific purposes for use within AGRAVIS's core business area among other places.